Talk of Medicare Portability for the Philippines

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  2. Things in Thailand are not getting better sadly.

  3. Thank you for providing us with very informative videos. Long time viewer.

    If for some reason, Medicare does start operating in the Philippines, I would imagine that the VA healthcare system would eventually allow veterans to use the same Medicare approved doctors/hospitals.

    The big question though: if Medicare is not currently reimbursing for medical expenses that an expat incurs while in the Philippines, aren’t they already saving millions, if not billions of dollars?

    I recently cancelled my Medicare Part B, as I am 100% VA disabled and in the highest priority group. As the VA healthcare will allow outside doctors and hospitals now, Part B was basically a duplication of services. This saved me $148 per month that can now be used for a travel insurance plan, when international travel is resumed.

  4. Hello Henry and I totally agree! I have Medicare and Medicaid and would be blessed to use them when I travel to the Philippines to be with my Fiance! Thanks for the update and take care!

  5. What about Medicare for US citizens in Philippines? That would be a huge benefit. The reason I am a Pandemic Gypsy stranded in US is because I had to go to US for knee surgery.

  6. since Medicare is mandatory for US Citizens, it would be fantastic to be able to have it functional here in the Philippines.

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