Talks Begin On Allowing Expat Tourism Into Philippines & Other News

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    Talks Begin on Foreign National Entry..
    Filipina Spouse Must Be Present to Enter PH..
    Phuket 10-day Closure..
    FB Group – Expats Locked Down in Asia..
    PH Tricycle Crosses Golden Gate Bridge..
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    In this video I discuss, “Talks Begin On Allowing Expat Tourism Into Philippines & Other News”

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  2. Quarantine Hotels ARE THE ANSWER! Daily batches of clean tourists daily.. helps HOTELS, helps employment, and little by little will make a difference. (as Thailand has been doing)

  3. Maybe the Ph’s should think about having Bohol or anther Inland to open up to tourism?

  4. Philippines is now on a red list for the Uk. Not allowed to travel to Philippines.

  5. These outbreaks in the Philippines has nothing to do with foreign expats entering the country. If it did, they would show the data but they won’t. It has to do with local Filipinos hanging out drinking, gathering around, and not wearing masks. I have seen so many videos of pinoys not wearing a mask even though it’s a requirement. My wife and I are fully vaccinated and the Philippines keeps doing stupid things, so we can’t come.

  6. Bad news, the entire Philippines needs to be locked down, the spread of COVID-19 is out of control, even if you get the vaccination you can still get the virus.

  7. cheezmiz says no expats untill 2022…..seems sad but probable
    they cant convince general population to vaccinate even if
    they get vaccines from wereever
    dont know what its going to take
    for them to open the fuckin borders

  8. The UK is not allowing foreign travel unless for exceptional reasons. Philipinnes is now on the UK red list which means mandatory quarantine ( they frog march you there and at a cost of £1700 fo0r 10 days). I think Thailand is working overtime to get the tourists back but still a quarantine requirement. goog to get your news.

  9. Hello Henry and glad you are doing well. I recently communicated with the Secretary of Tourism, Mrs Bernadette Romulo-Puyat regarding the opening of international travel and providing her my specific reasons for doing so. My next communication will be to the IATF and then finally to President Duterte. ALL of them need to see and understand the REALITY in opening up already and to stop all of this nonsense!

  10. What if you went home for a emergency ?? Like a funeral. Now your stuck !!!! Stupid !!!!

  11. Not to allow married people are people with children in the HORRIBLE !!!

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