This Week In The News – Philippines – IATF Domestic Travel Update, Vaccines, & Duterte

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    IATF Eases Restrictions..
    Astrazeneca Updates/Arrival..
    Duterte – Working Holidays..
    WHO – Lockdowns not primary strategy..

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    In this video I discuss, “This Week In The News – Philippines – IATF Domestic Travel Update, Vaccines, & Duterte”

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  2. 371th People Died In The Philippines For All Reasons In 2020 So 12th Dying From Virus Is A Reason To Keep Me Away From My Girl

  3. 12th Deaths ? More Filipinos Die From Motor Vehicle Accidents They Are Not Banning Vechicles Are They

  4. I Don’t Know For Sure However when This Opens Up Hoping People With Money With Have The Upper Hand To Haggle And Get Discounts

  5. Hey Reekay my friend, Great information on this. Thank you for the update. Please stay safe and healthy and God bless you and Vi always.😊 😊 😊 ❀️ ❀️ ❀️

  6. How in the heck can restrictions be lightened up when here in Davao City we are still on GCQ as far as I have heard. Have you heard anything on changing the CQ here?

  7. LOL, nobody is going to work much anyway on those new special working days. With so many Holidays to begin with you would think most business is up to date instead of months behind as so many are…..

  8. Here on Guam, i was administered a moderna vaccine last week, and will receive my second dose in March with no side effects other than a sore arm for 24 hrs

  9. Hi Henry! I know some have overstayed their tourist for one reason or another. I wonder if the government will off amnesty to them?

  10. My Filipina fiance says the barangay health center has been asking people to take the Chinese vaccine. I told her to stay away from that.

  11. What a cluster f*Γ—k that country is . The Philippines will never be the same, unless ur an expat running from the law in ur country, why the hell would you go! So messed up, both vaccines uk & China are worthless, govt won’t even give to their front liners, cuz it don’t work! But they will use on the poor? LGU, can still make up their own quarantine rules? Who’s running that friggin’ country? China, best buddies with duterte only sending 600k doses of their worthless untested vaccine? What a friend!!! China can’t give that shit vaccine away, even the Chinese don’t trust it. If Duterte would quit shitting on the US, maybe they could get moderns or pfizer, 94% efficacy rate, I feel so friggin’ sad for the awesome people of the Philippines

  12. Do you really want a Chinese vaccine, after what they did to the world? Also, they are suppose to give to front liners first, that will take up all of the initial vaccine.

  13. Reekay, thank you very much. I am in Butuanc tiy, been wanting to go to Cebu for a few days. Yay. I know they were talking about this, since Duterte said still no MGCQ until maybe april

  14. I have had first dose of AstraZeneca vacation apart from feeling a bit rough for a couple of days all fine, so if offered go for it.

  15. Still waiting patiently for absolutely anyone to explain why we all supposedly need vaccines ‘to save us all’ when about 99.8% of people of working age, and 99.997% of children, already recover without one. And that’s IF you catch it in thΓ¨ first place. Especially something with a rushed approval process, and an efficiency rate of only 50 to 70%. Or is this just another example of mass failure of elementary math.

  16. Wearing your mask and face shield, when most needed, keeping socially distant, constantly washing your hands with soap & water/alcohol, and staying home as much as possible should be more effective than lockdowns. The economy must keep running. Sad thing is people do put on their masks, but don’t wear them properly so as to cover their noses and mouths.

  17. Im being vaccinated here in Singapore.
    If im going to tagum city as my final destination,do i have to be quarantine upon arrival at davao airport and whats needed from me to able to travel within tagum city??
    Hope to hear from u soon.

  18. The lockdown did not work because the phillippines people did not get help from the phillippines goverment like other country did , they got only twice a foodpackage and not every one mostly only the rich in other country business got finacial help and house hold als financial aid , none of that happend in the phillippines so offcourse people needed to go out to work to support there familie dispite the corona virus going around , plus the crowded living conditions with no one keeping a distance and wearing a mask give the virus lee way to keep spreading….

  19. I hope it will be lifted again this year for ordinary tourists even if you have to get vaccinated for it. But think until by 2023, it will not come of anything.

  20. It’s also already been said by the president that the first to vaccinated will be the police and the military. After it will be those in power or those with wealth.

  21. Problem is that the LGU’s never update anything about their community. Our local mayor last posted on their community page was January 9th…As normal were left in the dark.

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