Thoughts on Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines

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  1. The women and English fluency are what make the Philippines. Take away the women and be honest with yourself, the other SE Asian countries beat them in basically every other category.

  2. May be silly question to some ,but why does the Ph HAVE SO MANY ISSUES WITH BROWN OUTS AND SLOW INTERNET

  3. Hey Reek May I ask a personal question???,,, where is Vi ???,,, has it been over for awhile???,,,, take care my friend,,,

  4. Rickey, your comment about English mostly where foreigners are is not true. I traveled throughout Thailand and always found English speakers. Yes, English is more prevalently spoken in PI. You need to spend some time there. You might prefer it to PI?

  5. Hey Henry, Curtis in Vegas.. we met for a burger in Vietnam in 2019. My experience with Cambodia is the SCAM capital of Asia.. NOT a place to retire in my humble opinion, Thailand is BY FAR the best place to visit.. travel and retire. I’m recently retired Navy, I’ve been everywhere.. multiple times.. and Thailand is HUGE, diverse and it has 60 years experience with hosting expats.. where Vietnam had the knee jerk “Kick them all out” reflex when Covid hit.. Cambodia was worse!!!
    Best wishes Reekay.. Curtis

  6. I spent a few years in Cambodia, and I can’t recommend it at all. If you expect just basic customer service, Cambodians have no idea how to treat people. It is actually horrible how rude they are. Vietnam and Thailand are incredibly better options for so many reasons. Cambodia doesn’t even deserve to be put in the same category.

  7. I am living here for past 3 years in Việt Nam and Vietnam is way superior to Thailand. In everything. Infrastructure, food, culture, education, women. Yes, I have visited at length Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines (lived there). Cambodia is at the bottom. Philippines is 3rd place (but they speak English! )

  8. Cambodia 🇰🇭 is the go it’ has high vaccine rates easy to go to for covid regulations and more frontier place like
    Back in a time machine totally different culture more of a challenge than the Phillipines which is to westernised, fast food places and language good for first timers to Asia more like being back at home !

  9. I have watch different YouTube vlogs and I have noticed filipinas who are married and one or two have a fiance who are building their own house.

    Has your opinion ever changed on this subject since your last video vlog on foreigners building a house with their wife or fiance.

    I’m not sure if they’re leasing the land on a land contract??

  10. All great comments from your listeners-the dating reality is that the Philippines is the easiest to get women and that is why it is so popular! However if you got game-a good pension-look young Thailand is probably a better choice unless you can land a 10 Flipina!

  11. When I first came to the Philippines it reminded me of India garbage everywhere and the
    infrastructure very bad as well the internet
    Thailand has a very good infrastructure sehr good internet and relatively clean
    and how did Thailand handle Covid 19 well and how did the Philippines manage Covid 19
    a disaster from day one until now

  12. For long stay visa without too much problem I would rate PH first, then Thailand , Cambodia snd last Vietnam. If VN had retirement visa they would be Number One except for dating.

  13. For expats it is : Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines..
    Women are more loyal in Philippines, Vietnam women are 👇🏻. Cambodia is the best bang for money, food is great. Philippines food is the worst. Thailand is TOP.

  14. Think the most important thing should be safety
    Once you are in a country for a sustained period of time, the locals will know your daily routine n where to get you n that is where the excitement comes if you are in an unsafe country where poverty , drug taking, owing $ etc will drive desperate people to do desperate things ….
    So on this basis, Cambodia n Philippines should be out as you can be robbed, kidnapped for ransom, killed or maimed by hitman anytime as long as someone is willing to pay 500- 2000 usd for it
    That leaves Thailand n Vietnam remaining on the list

    Even if the Viet govt had the budget to spend (which it does not ) , getting to the level of roads , airports, city subway etc that Thailand has will easily take 20 years ..

    Thailand is very crime free , you can pretty much leave your laptop n phone on the table while dining in a Thai cafe go to the rest room without fear of them being stolen; U can also usually leave your clothes, gear n bike on the beach while u get into the water for a swim, try doing that in Vietnam n it’ll be gone …

    Quality of women has to be discussed as the difference is significant
    Vietnam is where you can get the fairest women, Cambodia n Thailand is where most of the women are much darker (Khmer origin), Philippines is in between (light tan) as the locals are of the Malay race ..

    The Philippines have the advantage in being easiest to land young women below 28 .
    In Thailand n Vietnam , most expats (who do not look young n dashing) end up getting women above 35 unless they do not mind single moms with kids
    Getting young women (18 – 22) by splurging big time is of cos possible but that will end up being mentally tiring n self defeating after a while …

  15. I mean if we go off straight looks, Thai girls mannnnn, they take better care of their bodies than pinays and bigger assets on average. That being said pinays will always beat them as far as the language and the fact that it seems easier to marry your pinay than have to give a dowry to a Thai family

  16. 4:29 Is the bottom line. And we know it’s really about hypergamy for a better life for the family; rarely romantic love. I say in the beginning that there’s no ring, visa abroad or babies and instantly get rejected even when young. Rarely a unicorn is spotted, but that requires bankrolling. How much does it cost for a GF in these other countries? Peace.

  17. 1. Singapore so clean, first world, but as expensive as the US
    Tiny place, nice combo of British, Chinese, Malaysian, Indian
    Great local food choices because of 4 integrated cultures
    Most English speaking, called Singlish

    2. Thailand a notch below SIN
    40 mill world tourists so English in city not a problem, but you can’t read signs
    Bangkok more modern than most (all?) US cities, tons to do
    Transportation great: metro system growing every year in BKK
    Trains, buses, cheap flights all over the country
    “Land of Smiles”? I think shy Vietnamese are friendlier if you initiate
    International food in big cities $$ but Thai food cheap

    2. Peninsular Malaysia – arguably on same level as Thailand
    26 mill world tourists, great medical/dental like Thailand
    English speaking common, KL as modern as Bangkok, but less wild, modern metro
    Retirement program just changed, only want millionaires now
    Also great food bc integrated cultures, known for food markets

    3. Viet Nam another step down
    Much poorer than Thailand, definitely in developing mode, motorbikes, cars for the wealthy
    Downtowns in big cities ok, clean areas and shabby areas. Internet & power grid great.
    18 mill tourists, mostly Asians seeking cheap vacations to a few places
    English spoken in tourist areas, young people love to speak English
    Transport: Intercity rail is rustic, buses weird, take limo vans or fly
    Saigon has no metro, Hanoi just opened first line so take taxi, Grab, motorbike rental for the brave
    More exotic than Thailand because Thailand is more westernized
    International food only in tourist areas, Vietnamese food healthy with lots of veggies

    4. Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Burma
    Poorer, dusty roads, visible poverty, unbelievable traffic jams in Jakarta/Manila
    In dire need of infrastructure
    Nice to visit, there are better places for me to live.

    For men on the subject of women:
    There are great women who speak some English and like meeting foreigners in every country. Be a traditional man, smile, initiate, be flexible. Areas with the most tourists are more familiar with foreigners, have more opportunities to mingle. Give yourself time, integrate into a community, visit the same shops and restos until people get to know you. Did I say smile and initiate?

    Me: Retired in Saigon 5 years, Bangkok 2 years, married a Vietnamese professional. Singapore, Melaka, Cambodia, Manila, Jakarta/Bogor only visited
    You: Take a leap and come see a few countries. Just make a reservation for the first 2 nights to be flexible. A place will click with you or not.

  18. What exactly is infrastructure?
    Infrastructure is composed of  such as roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, water supply, sewers, electrical grids, and telecommunications (including Internet connectivity and broadband access).

  19. Thailand has MUCH better infrastructure than Vietnam.
    Infrastructure = Roads, Electricity, Internet, water, airports, sewer, drainage, railroads, subway, etc.

  20. Salamat for the video…glad your doing okay and ldr too…i hope and pray i can get back to Dumaguete again and my ldr gf …she seems to be a gem

  21. I agree that for an English speaking foreigner dating is way better in the Philippines and it’s not even close. Infrastructure I say Thailand is way above any other SEA country. They have the most reliable power, internet and transportation system out of all the SEA. Vietnam is ok but it’s nowhere near where Thailand is currently. I do also agree Cambodia is behind the PH in that department but not by far. I’ve been to all of these countries in the last 3 years and I can say that Cambodia is developing fast so look out Philippines. Just look at the new videos on Sihanoukville I don’t even recognize it anymore and I was just there 3 years ago. Real dating for someone that doesn’t speak the local language is really the deal breaker so the Philippines remains number 1 even with all it’s flaws.

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