(Trailer/Preview) Time Travel – Is It Possible?

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  2. Ever heard the story of Gil Perez? A Spanish soldier who supposedly time traveled from the Philippines to Mexico in the 1500’s.

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  4. Greetings R K
    Donald Trumpโ€™s uncle was the government official in charge of the possessions of Nickolas Tesla
    Time travel technology exists and it appears Asians are using it …
    Technology Does Exist likely the Nazi Bell device was a time travel antiquity tech device – I really like what I have seen of the Cebu City area to reside in Philippines ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ Thanks for sharing

  5. Yes Reekay Time travel is not only 100% possible but it is 100% scientific fact. They just failed to mention it to us yet. I don’t know if you did this on purpose or not, but everything going on in the world that is, let’s just say out of the norm from politics to illness’s is all over the USA’s secret space force. Disclosure happened already here in the USA. But people haven’t realized it yet. It’s so bad they USA government has disclosed the existence of ET’s 7 times in the past two years. They built it up as the first time each time. It’s why there are who they use to call conspiracy theorists on main stream tv. I watched several TV news broadcasts, local but from CA (I’m east coast) (Not cable news) where all the people working there, including the camera were up in front in a pack asking questions. For almost 2 years, even on cable news, they have had Navy and Air Force Pilots on showing UFO’s they have been chasing with audio. Many whistle blowers from the secret space force have come forward. We about about to enter the Star Trek future but the Elite’s don’t want us to have it. They have been hiding it for themselves. This includes all the governments and corporations which run them and the world. What is going to be found is that they purposely released something to kill 90% of us. Italy is asking for the extradition of Bill Gates for crimes against humanity already. We are going through birth pains but delivery will be soon. This includes free energy. The math is crazy for it, but that has already been released via a patient from the US Air Force. We are going to do a global currency switch to gold before they announce it or all currency based on fossil fuels will crash. Hang on it’s real and finally happening. It’s just now on tv yet. But you can read about it ๐Ÿ™‚ Search (TR3B us air force patient google drive) This is one of 5 anti gravity time traveling space ships our government released getting ready for disclosure ๐Ÿ™‚ The patient and math for free energy is in there. The governments of the world already know. Oh and the cures are coming out for everything, it’s already started… Cancer, Lyme, Aids, Sugar Diabetes, Obesity, Sickle cell enema and more in the last year alone. Good times coming ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to take the Age reduction. Yes ageing is a disease and they found the cure. IV NAD + check out raadfest on utube

  6. Letโ€™s add viruses constantly evolving and mutating to the equation. If you could go back in time youโ€™d infect everyone on earth. If you went forward in time youโ€™d have no resistance to evolved viruses and would die very quickly.

  7. I know when I fly back to America from the Philippines I travel back in time. I usually depart Cebu for my connecting flight in S Korea. When my flight from Korea departs at 10:15 am I land in Washington DC at 9:50 am so I have to say I have experienced time travel back in time. I land before I take off!

  8. Reekay, there is a deep flaw in the ‘2 atomic clock experiment’, and Einstein was wrong, Time Travel is impossible. I made a video, exactly on this subject. I hope you don’t mind. “Zafosophy: Einstein Was Wrong, Time Travel is Impossible !”.

  9. Just going to the Philippines and esp, the provinces you travel back in time 20 yrs. or longer. More time travel occurs with a younger filipina than yourself. But here the intrepid traveler encounters a time irregularity because if the filipina is much younger you may inadvertently reverse your back in time travel by a varying number of years.

  10. What you also have to think about is if you go back in the past and give yourself knowledge to say become rich. That doesn’t mean when you come back to your time that you would be rich. You might send that last person on a different branch of time and yours would still be the same. Or maybe yours would change. In theory time could branch off in many directions. So maybe the butterfly effect would not count.

  11. Going back in the past with the knowledge I have now would certainly lead to things being drastically different for the new present.

  12. This type of speculation is pointless since our understanding of the universe is incomplete at best. Try solving a 100 piece puzzle with only ten pieces. You’ll never come to the correct conclusion, even on accident.

  13. It certainly is very interesting and something most of us would have thought about. I believe Time travel will become possible, but when, who knows?

    1. @Unkn0wn_289
      In theory, anything’s possible. Good luck proving that with actual data, or in a lab experiment.

    2. Actually yes, if you can move outside of time and space, then you can travel in time also, even if this linear time is just a construct of this dimension and matrix

  14. In the Hindu Vedas there are stories of time travel which were as an unintended consequence of travel to see people in places not of our World.
    I can think of two such stories and the consequence were of millions of years passing on Earth in the very short time they made their journeys. there didn’t seem to be any control of their time travel experience, it was an unfortunate consequence for them.

  15. Reekay, the best way to understand time is, when you are 4 years old 1 year is a 1/4 of your life. When you are 50 years old, 1 year is 1 50th of your life. So as you get older time accelerates.

  16. Yes! Gravity is real. Time is an illusion. Alcubierre drive – Wikipedia

  17. I need to go back in time to March 15th : 2020. To warn myself not to board the plane to Seattle. Not knowing instead of a short term shopping trip turned into a long term expensive nightmare. Now not able to get home to Thailand. While the United States fighting in the streets and thousands more continue to die everyday. Its all been just loving while Rome burns.

  18. Have you watched the film Interstellar, itโ€™s about what you are talking about, transporting the Earthโ€™s population through a worm hole, great film

  19. Reekey. I started watching your videos when you were still in the Philippines, before Vietnam.
    I’m broke now, but once I start earning money I’ll start watching this series. I know it’s super cheap but it’s not the first need thing. Just two months. I can’t wait. Greetings from Hat Yai

  20. I think its possible and, it’s a hidden project being kept out of the public domain . I believe we will see it after nesara is started.

  21. Interesting video but there are too many paradoxes in time travel for it to work in your favor even if you could do it,

    1. What if you already encountered someone from the future in the past and thus now it has to happen?

  22. Reekay! wow you believe time travel? me too buddy…just to let you know my friend…I have page on my website…videos that you made…and some still coming…make more videos on UFO’S and time travel I love that subject…specially UFO…

  23. to answer the title of the video…Not on Duterte’s watch! lol.
    Another opinion.. “Astral Traveling” and using the Akashic records.

    1. Maybe could work, but I need to ask something specific do you know how Thoth would’ve done it?

  24. Most of those topics are theoretical speculations. There are as many theories in our world as there are people.
    I would rather follow experimental evidence than some cool theory. hehe

    1. The first part about traveling near the speed of light and coming back to a future world is actually proven. It (time dilation) was predicted by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and proven true when they compared an atomic clock orbiting earth with an atomic clock on earth. In fact, Global Positioning Satellites have to compensate for the differences in time as small as it may be. The theory of going back in time through a wormhole was only shown possible mathematically by a graduate student of Carl Sagan. Sagan asked him to do it as a project to give credibility to Sagan’s book “Contact” which was later made into a movie.

  25. Haha. I wish I could go back 40 years. I might die things differently for sure..

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