Update: It’s Looking Positive Towards Philippines Travel

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  2. This type of news can go on for months and months. There”s always an agency saying something, but until Duterte leaves in June there will be no American tourists coming in. For one the U.S always has a high infection rate and two, Duterte doesn’t like America. The only other way to get in is on a retirement visa. And guys, if you have been waiting on a filipina the last 2 years, you can count on her to have been banging somebody.

  3. Thanks Reekay. I’m waiting to return to the Philippines when pure bloods are allowed. My fiance and I are staying strong, and true love never stops. The pharmaceutical industry is behind the fear propaganda, and they’re making BILLIONS from the fear mongering. Natural immunity is way better too. You’re the first travel vlogger I subscribed to, over 2 years ago, and I depend on you for accurate information. Thankyou for helping us all.

  4. So foreigner’s money will go elsewhere instead of the mall…great idea 😂

  5. Reekay I have just started back catching up on your videos and I was wandering what happened to that pretty lady you were with when you were in the Philippines. Forgive me if this question is to personal. She just seemed so sweet and pretty and I thought you and her made a nice couple. Thanks for all the helpful videos

  6. I really don’t trust the Philippines case numbers. I just don’t believe that the Philippines at 36% fully vaccinated out of total population (age 0+) is 4.0 cases per million, whereas Auckland region (New Zealand) is at 76% fully vaccinated (0+) is at 53 cases per million.

  7. The Amish communities of northeast Ohio engage in textbook communal living. Families eat, work and go to church together, and through the pandemic, mask-wearing and social distancing have been spotty. As a result, these communities have experienced some of the state’s highest rates of infection and deaths.

  8. Still a long way to go for the Philippines as a whole to reach the vaunted herd imunity through vaccination if the opening of its borders depends on that. There seems to be significant logistic issues outside the poppulation centers as well as significant vaccination hesitancy.

    Rougly one third of its target population have been vaccinated with two jabs. Who knows how many of those that have been jabbed with Chinese and Russian vaccines of dubious effency and longevity, jabbed with donated vaccines that have passed its best before date and jabbed with improperly stored vaccines. Maybe the new Omron variant – more contagious, but aperently also causing milder symptoms and less serious illness/deaths – will sort out the mess and a near herd immunity will be achieved largely through the natural way?

    Anyhow: Arriving there early next year for applying for a SRRV visa after getting a third dose back home. Two questions thereof: Will a foreign sourced vaccination cerficate (a digital EU/EØS pass in my case) give access to places that have entry restrictions for those unvaccinated? And are those somewhat ridiculous and uncomfortable looking plastic face shields still mandatory to wear in public spaces these days?

  9. Take what the “legacy media”(not “main stream media”) say with a grain of salt.. Not everything coming from those activists is true.

  10. Do you know if Chicago Joe’s is still in business? We met there about 9 years ago lol

  11. Keep in mind that the Bureau of Immigration is also in the mall in Cebu. Interesting problem if you cannot enter (which I almost experienced without a quarantine pass when I was leaving the country August 2020)…..

  12. Hey Reekay, I’m VERY pro vaccine, vaccinated many times in the Navy.. but I’m also pro common sense. I am NOT a virologist, not a epidemiologist, but the overwhelming info so far, is that Omicon seems to be blended with a common cold. I’ll be headed to Thailand in about 54 days and fingers crossed things don’t get fouled up.
    Hope you make it back to the Phils soon Henry.. your friend Curtis (Pfizer jabs plus a booster and I have NOT had a sniffle in a year, maybe I’ve found the fountain of youth through vaccination? haha)

  13. It’s scary they forcing this fake vaccine now to enter these essential establishments i hope they stop this ASAP. If your scared go get another booster and double up the masks 🤥

  14. I gave up on going back.. I am working on getting my Fiancee over here..I got tired of the games . I have no clue when or if I will ever go back.. I have to file by the end of Feb .No time to screw around.

  15. COVID keeps getting milder – that is the key point to focus on. Excellent video, Reekay. Thank you!

  16. Im an expat since mid 2019… In NCR and Batangas province, only vaccinated are allowed to enter malls, hardware stores and fast food restaurants for at least 2 months. That in itself is probably causing many to get the vaccinations even if they don’t want to.

  17. Cases going down coincides with the end of the rainy season. German study showed only 3 healthy children 0-17 died of covid out of over 1 million cases and zero deaths of healthy children in the 5-11 age range. Anyone who promotes vaccines for healthy kids is an idiot!

  18. That Amash report I find a little suspect I live around the them I would like to know how they talked to all these people it’s not like you can just call them up and do a survey

  19. I would bet the PH will go into total lockdown again soon, as will the rest of us. And remember who did this to us all…… CHINA!

  20. Until the Philippines announces they are giving out 30 day tourist visa’s with NO quarantine restrictions whatsoever I won’t even think of going back there, AND I want to see the country open for 3-6 months without changing the rules back and forth like they’re famous for. Reekay, you know all to well what its like getting stuck there and not being able to leave in a timely manner….I’m going to do everything possible to avoid what you went thru. JMHO

  21. waiting on the US being on the Green List. than I will see what they want from me? I don’t want the vaccine, but it seems forced on us? I like the malls, etc……not being allowed in would be sad…..that is where I get dates 🙂

  22. # pureblood Imagine a movie where the O was released by “someone else” to induce herd immunity while reducing harsh symptoms.

  23. I still think it’s felt that at least 4-5 more months of drama/confusion is needed. Maybe just prior to or after 2022 elections.

  24. I can not wait till the Nuremberg trials start and all these people who has committed crimes against humanity hang.

  25. Thanks Reekay….. Very interesting with the Amish I think they’re immune systems are stronger because they don’t have the junk food in their diet like many westerners and they get plenty of exercise. Just my thoughts

  26. Sticking to my initial guess of not till the elections there

    On a side note ..just got the pfizer booster thru the VA…which I assume will be a yearly basis…kind of like flu shots

  27. I’m almost 60, and I remember when I was a kid, if one kid got sick with something….the parents drug all the other kids over to that kids house so they could catch it and develop the immunity. I guess that’s no longer a thing?

  28. Thanks for the update. I would like to eventually visit the Philippines but I have no intention on taking a vaccine so it’s good to hear what’s going on in terms of restrictions etc.

  29. Yes you are right as virus mutates it is less deadly. Still like your jungle house videos best. 😄 Bohol. Thanks, Douglas in Seattle..

  30. What a load of crap…the majority of Filipinos dont trust dirty and his criminal cartel.

  31. People don’t have a choice if they don’t get it their lives stop until they do. Apart from making billions for the drug companies who make it the real reason for forcing humanity to have this well god knows what it is remains to be seen but it wont be good.

  32. That’s really amazing the Amish recovered so quickly.

    But is that due to them generally being healthier than Americans?

  33. Thank You for the information!

    #1 which vaccine did YOU GET so that you will be allowed back into a plane and into Philippines?

    #2 do you have a recommendation on which is better?

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