Update: On Life & Upcoming Videos

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  2. You found a great girl. Don’t worry about your relationship .she will always be there for you ?

  3. A burning question for you, what do you think of California since you have returned? Major changes?

  4. Hi Henry! I was happy to see your video pop up and surprised to see you are just down the road instead of halfway across the world, lol. What a beautiful backyard you have ( is that your moms home?) Glad to hear you and Vi are still going strong ?

  5. How about you completely re-shoot your talking videos. Some of your old content even with editing it would look really dated. If you re-shot with fresh updated ideas that would be much better in my opinion.

  6. Thanks for the update I’m planning on moving to Cebu city now, after I broke up with my LDR from Davao, we never met. I am either considering mactan or Cebu city

  7. When you re-upload the Old videos could you add a label so people can tell at a glance it’s a re-upload and not a new video. Love your content.

  8. It sounds like you’re in a committed relationship with a lifelong partner…and a great one, I might add. That’s great to hear. However, once you return to the Philippines, and further solidify your relationship, wouldn’t it be nice to bring Vi back to the states? She’s one of the few that you would never have to worry about westernization like many of the expats living there now. But this way, you could always continue to travel with her, but have all the amenities in a home base anywhere in the US that you’ll never find in the Philippines, especially good healthcare as you age. Just a thought. I’m confident you’ll decide what’s best for you. You have my best wishes.

  9. so glad mom is well now fly your dream woman into mexico THE SHOW MUST GO ON

  10. Your Relationship Sounds Great. Yup, sometimes it takes a while to find the right one.

  11. Hey Henry, .. Curtis in Vegas, flying to Mexico City next week, July CDMX.. maybe Mazatlan in August? Maybe you’ll come to Mexico (cheap and no restrictions) and make some videos?

  12. Im fairly new to your channel and im glad I did, your so geniune about your topic’s.ans about being a family man i cherish that.

  13. Good luck. Before I moved here in ’17 I recall your vids in Bohol for a couple years. I enjoyed the 3, “tampo”, “expect/accept to help your g/f/wife family a little bit ” & ” the neighbor who put live chickens in your yard w/o you knowing thinking you wanted them”.

  14. It is really great to hear You and Vi are doing so well. It was great to have supper with you both in Davao.
    Hazel and I split up in late December when she went back to Manila.
    We are in lockdown again.
    Great video…loved your videos from Bohol thats when I first got to follow you and I was still in Canada.
    Keep up the great work…..Hi Mum.

  15. Hi Reekay maybe you could do an updated list of what to bring for a trip to the Philippines like clothing, camera equip and suggestions for security items. Of course that could stretch into more than one video. Good job.

  16. I was thinking the other day that there isn’t really any expats covering gay relationships in the Philippines.
    Do you know of any?
    I have some friends in the states looking for that special kind of love.

  17. You & your girlfriend have a Very strong relationship ! LDR will go by fast !! I’m 55 with my 23 yr old fiance here in Subic = even compatibility !! 18+ months 2gether during quarantines…no problem.

  18. Wow! I wish to reach 87, way to go to your mom! Enjoy your time with each other. Don’t mind us Reekay. Family is important.

  19. oh my budda, Reekay i was going to run that by you, puting up your older videos say one a week,cheers mate

  20. Glad your Mom recovered nicely ! My Mom passed on Nov 2 in Sacramento…she was 76, I’m 55 retired in Subic.

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