Vid-Diary; Your Social Reputation (1of2) – Philippines

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  1. You know there’s nothing wrong with not wanting a relationship so long as you don’t lie or lead someone on. Doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality for quantity either! Sociopathic? A few girls who I spent a week with or dated casually are now some of my most important friends. A couple I’ve been close friends with for over a decade! We’re no longer intimate but we sure as heck care about each other! Just because you don’t have a monogamous romantic relationship doesn’t mean you can’t stay friends with the girls you had fun with.

    1. +ChernobylPizza very true. and i can relate to your experience. women i ‘thought’ i’d only know for an evening became either casual friends or good friends that i care about and stay randomly in touch with. the key thing is to be honest about not being available or interested in an exclusive relationship so there is no disappointment on their end.

  2. The problem with moving a lot is the toll it takes on your social life…what social life? How do you make real friends when you don’t stay enough to do it? You can’t. Where’s that support network when you need it? I know, me too. A bit late now to do anything but live it and hope to land in that one place where it feels right and everything works…

  3. Reekay, thank you for your great videos, as you can relate I have met a beauty on line and I am coming to Ph. To meet her, I land in Manilla, go to a hotel there, but they tell me that getting a cab is risky, I have heard that you can not trust cabbies. Is that true in your opinion, and what would be the alternative . Do you have any past experience ? Also can one convert dollars to Paso in the airport ?
    Thank you.

  4. I know exactly what you mean, my farther was RAF, and have the same need to move

  5. Really found your articles interesting. I just came back a month ago from 3 weeks in Cebu after meeting a nice Filipina I was talking to for 7 months online. Her father is my sisters current partner so I thought I’d be immune to any of the online pitfalls and scams as she was pretty much family and still lived with his ex-wife and her sisters and brother. After much flirting online and many promises when I got there she was totally cold and had a free holiday with her own daughter. Now I am back home she still asks me for money! Still I met a girl in the hotel and she stays in touch and asks for nothing (yet) just go get to know each other better and take time over things. It really is a minefield out there but nice to know that there are others looking for genuine relationships and long term partners it’s sad to see so much sex tourism in the hotels.

  6. I enjoyed dating in the States, where I come from.  We’d take turns planning the outings, so we could afford the date.  I expected to be safe and transported, paid for if it was his turn, and when it was mine, I could pick what I could afford, make it clear what it would be … actually I am not difficult or high maintenance.  Sometimes it was a home cooked meal, horseback riding by my apartment, a fun event which fit my budget.  If I didn’t feel the spark by the fourth date, I didn’t have sex with them or carry on.  It was best to be frank.  I had many nice boyfriends.  I did use protection.  I did insist they be clean and polite, and enjoyed throwing them into my huge tub and jumping in with them and scrubbing their feet!  I … wasn’t looking for a husband.  You are absolutely right, by making our intentions clear and being polite, yes I would meet families, there never seemed to be any hard feelings.  Over here in Europe, I find I have to be very circumspect.  I do need a social introduction, it might take some time.  Usually, they don’t want to refer a sleazeball and with family, I can dress correctly, follow the rules, and be clear, actually I love my French husband, I of course met the parents right away, stayed a bit, was a good, helpful guest, they were cold and unfriendly but I just had to evaluate.  You definitely marry a family and they were pretty hostile to outsiders.  I just never gave them any ammo.  I married a young Parisian man, and he needed a lot of guidance, but I’d never presume to nag him.  Men … actually can be fussier than women.  They need to save face.  I’ve been really good for his career, he learned perfect international English, very needed for his work, and I gave him the guts to even go into management for eight years.  He needs a lot of care and not to have to worry about me!  I also like to work most of the time and I turn over the money, cuz we don’t have a marriage contract, probably a serious error on my part.  This is a terrific channel.  I actually had a slow second divorce but was separated with my own place, I’m not the adulterous type.  Dating, I just treated the dates well, I didn’t rub their faces in anything else I was doing, I didn’t expose them to disease, nor myself, I hope men just don’t approach using women as a servant and sex thing.  If they want that, they ought to say it outright.  Easy uprate, and great advice! 

  7. Feel like I know you for a long time, thanks for sharing your life with us. I am thinking of relocation to some hot country one day. I also wanna to visit Philippines as a tourist soon. Hope to meet you one day. Best wishes from Russia!

    1. Feel free to drop me a line when you’re here, we could meet up for some lunch.  🙂

  8. I really like your advice Henry. You are so wise! It is so funny when you say “bounce around.”

  9. I hope that she is a good woman and things will be great for you!  Time will tell all things. Does she have a good family?

    1. Awesome to hear!!!  A sensor of humor goes a long way you might have a keeper! (no pun intended)

    2. Both she and her family are a happy bunch who seem to have a good sense of humor.  🙂  Makes me happy.

  10. I grew up an Army/Airforce brat as well and although I hated moving as a child. I really miss it and enjoy traveling and moving now as an adult.. im living vicariously though your videos and adventures lol

  11. Nice you found someone.  It’s always the good one that catches you by surprise. Taking it slowly and properly is great.  The scenario of constantly dating new girls, and yes, the next new one is more beautiful than the last…  Well, it’s exhausting and can add too much drama and twists and turns that frankly, can be exhausting and soul robbing.

  12. thank for your wise and kind words you offer…wise words I took them to heart…now my friend do me a favor drink some beers and relax thats what i would do you are better off then so many people in the U.S. as like myself. Im in my early 40’s and want to live a life in the filippines like you are doing….hope it comes to that i really do

  13. Dude. You know what brother…time is short…make use of it in the best way you can! Remember…not everyone gets to get the chance dude…

    Thats my 2 $ on that!

    Please keep them vids going…

    We right here with you!

  14. No wonder you enjoy moving around. Your used to it because it’s been happening since your childhood. I personally, hate moving. Good luck to you and God bless.

    1. For me, moving is a natural way of leaving behind what you don’t need.. taking just the essentials.  Kinda like a snake shedding a skin as it grows.  To me it’s a natural way of shedding ‘stuff’ that attaches itself to you when you stay in one spot too long.

  15. Noooooooooo Brother Henry!  It’s very, very good that you unloaded that married lady.  You don’t need that drama in a foreign country where it’s actually ILlegal. 

    There are so many beautiful ladies in the PH, you don’t have to settle for one that is married OR has kids, or anything else UNdesirable.

    Use the big head, guys!

  16. god healed you
    please do not stop these useful videos
    waiting for next video
    thank you so much

    1. I’m glad they might be useful in some way to others.  Most of my life is pretty much an open book.  🙂

  17. Love your story and your videos… from your old neck of the woods.. any chance to chat with you?  I have a couple of specific questions and appreciate your insight…
    Thank you.

    1. Yes, the best way to reach me is via facebook, search me under ‘Reekay’.  I don’t keep up with email but I try to keep up with my facebook.

    1. I had a vasectomy about 24 years ago, so I’m pretty much outta the baby-making biz.  I had told myself I’d only consider a woman without kids.  But now, I’m considering a relationship with a wonderful woman who has kids.  I raised my daughter from a previous marriage as my own, I have no issue with that.  I was originally looking for an ’empty nest’ scenario but, well.. life surprises you sometimes.

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