Video Diary; Oct 15th, 2014 – The Better Path (1of2)

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  1. You have a great HEART and wonderful mind!….Just love ur videos!!!!

    1. +Katerinna Thomas thanks, doing what i can with what i got. 🙂

  2. I share your concerns and agree with you as this is prevalent with Filipina’s.  I too do not think kids should be separated

    1. @klikitatwa it turned out that by making the hard decision and breaking up, it was the best for both of us. since this video, it is now april/2015 and she has met an expat who wants her kids with her and even wants to have more kids. they are engaged and making their future plan together. this is really the best thing for her and her kids, now they can be together. her alternative (leaving them with her mother) would not have been good in the long run.

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  4. i would not want a woman that don’t want her kids around…i find that so odd….almost like she really don’t love her kids…you made the right choice….find a single girl with no kids Henry…

  5. You have to feel no gilt at the end of the day guy  and there are lots of woman out there  that will fill you needs and you hers  .

    Good luck


    1. I bet l could tell it was stressful for you to make that decision. But in the end it was the right one.


    2. @MrTwobears thanks, man.  i know it will work out eventually.  for now, i’m happy and a bit relieved with the decision.  🙂

    3. It’s good that you could part as friends. It took me a year and a half to find my wife in Cebu City.

      I wish you all the best of luck in the future. Keep your kin up you will find the right woman one day.


    4. @MrTwobears yes, at some point she will (hopefully) find the right guy for her, and i’ll find the right woman for me.  in the meanwhile, she and i still spend some time together as friends.

    1. @villasisbacag i find myself comfortable with the decision, very little 2nd-guessing about it.  the worst of the pain seems to be over with her.  i think she was worried we’d just part and not see each other.  but i already know that in time being ‘friends’ will be hard on her if/when i date someone else.  but for now, we’re both cool with it.

  6. Henry, I have seen many situations like this.  I always wondered is the father still in the picture at most Filipinos are know as family people?  And or is he taking care of the children; and or just sitting back living off the money the lady sends to “her children.”?

    1. @Marty Gray i know a filipino.. same story, knocked up his g/f.. ran away to start a new family (with money he stole from the first gf).  he’s been doing that for 2 years.  now he wants a break from the 2nd filipina so.. he runs to be with the first one.  i tell you, no shame with these guys.

    2. I agree these ladies get little or no financial support from these “absentee” fathers but, I do think these guys see and are hanging with their children, and maybe getting intimate with the ladies – you know, home-field advantage .

    3. @Marty Gray frankly, i can’t think of any filipina single moms i’ve met who ever said they were getting support from the kid’s father.  i can’t think of one.  they take off, repeat the same scene with a new girl and so it goes.

  7. never date a single mother. you’re playing the fool if you toy with fire and you’ll get burned. women lie buddy and the sooner you learn this the better off you will be. better to pump and dump then play the white knight. stay free and enjoy being a lone wolf!!!

    1. @SqueezeMy Zits ‘some’ women lie just as ‘some’ men lie.  as for ‘pump and dump’.. i am against that ideal when it comes to women looking for a real relationship.  plenty of ‘other’ women who are players who don’t mind that game.. no need to be doing that to good women.

  8. I can totally understand you not wanting to be in that situation . Sad because she looked like a cool person to be with .

    1. @pmags1331 she and i are still good friends.  i did not cut her out of my life.  after the breakup, we still catch a meal together or go for a ride around the hills together.

  9. Hi. You may recall that I mentioned my relationship with Ana. Well, it is going brilliantly well. We are both happy, and I am sorry to hear that yours did not work out. Perhaps a more mature/older woman?

    1. @SqueezeMy Zits i feel less stress as a single guy lately.  a year ago, i felt more of a need to find my mate up until recently.  but now.. just ‘taking a break’.  🙂

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines good choice henry .. congratulations on being single and free. 

    3. @United Computers i’m just going to go back to taking a self-imposed haitus from a serious relationship for now.  not sure for how long.  but i need a break.  later i’ll re-evaluate my best options.

  10. Just a suggestion.  Would it be possible in case of multi-part video postings you post at the same time to consider loading them up in reverse order (part 2 first followed by part 1 in case in two-part video uploads)?  That way Part 1 will show up on top of the playlist and part 2 below and not as they show up now – part 2 on the top and part 1 below part 2.  That way in YT playlist they will play in sequence without a need to maneuver back and forth to see them in intended order.  Thanks

  11. Life is just not easy Henry.  All sorts of difficult decisions to be made.  Reality is a bummer.

  12. When u ffirss met Joan. She already told u she’s married with kids.By dating her after this knowledge she thinks u have already accepted the fact that her kids will be part of your life if u live together. Why did u leave it so late to breakup with her. I feel that she’s so commited with u that she’s willing to leave her kids with someone else to live with u. Don’t u think that u r just leading on.

    1. @edwinodus i guess i’m not the type of guy who just lets another day go by, not caring what direction they’re going in.  i try to be direct and honest with someone and examine if the relationship is a good match.  last thing i want to do is waste a woman’s time if it’s a bad match.

  13. just take it slow. With all the women out here, there is bound to be one that fits all your requirements. And when you do find that needle in a haystack, it will be worth it. For now, enjoy the hay.

  14. Oh I saw the lunch video before seeing this one. Well Good! I must admit I don’t like this situation at all. I didn’t comment on the other video cause so many said what I was thinking stick to your OWN GAME PLAN which is NO KIDS. 🙂

  15. oh well, you have decided to move on. With 45 million philipina, there’s bound to be one that fits your ideal…..or who will grab your heart and alter your ideal! 🙂

    P.S How important is the divorce law there? If I shack up with a married women ( whose hub has vanished) could one really be of interest to the police/law? With what you subscribe as ‘everyone knows everyone, extended family culture’ it would be hard to keep the relationship secret.

    1. @Dynevor Shannon did you ever watch kids and notice that a kid isn’t interested in his toy until some other kid plays with it?  same principle here.  the husband who abandoned her years ago and got some other woman pregnant on another island suddenly is taking personal offense now that a foreigner is making her happy.  chances are he will first threaten charges and then be willing to drop it for a sum of money.  (which never ends, by the way).   however, if she can prove her husband is also unfaithful she has a very strong case for having the charges dropped against her.  that’s how it is on the books anyway.  what happens between bribes and perception of law is a whole other matter so.. your mileage may vary.

  16. She’ll introduce and move the kids in with you both, when you “pass the test” and she feels comfortable and trust you that you’re the right guy to share the life with. She’s very careful now, because she doesn’t want to bring the kids into the picture right away and they get used to you and if things between you two don’t work out and you split, the kids will be more heartbroken after getting to know you and wanting to be with you. Maybe, she already got “burned” this way before she met you 😉 and now she wants to give it a time and a “test” you, before she brings the kids in. I am sure , the moment she feels comfortable enough with you and trusts you enough , she’ll propose that you all 4 live together. Also, just maybe , the previous men in her life were abusive to her kids and she wants to “examine” you and make sure you handle all situations calmly and without anger, before she considers bringing the kids in. Just a though. Good luck.

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