What I’ve Learned From My Filipina Girlfriend, Vi

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    In this video I discuss, “What I’ve Learned From My Filipina Girlfriend, Vi”

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  2. I have been listening to your videos for years, this is my favorite of them all.

  3. Interesting topic Rekeey, The resiliency of the Fillipino people is something I really admire. There have been studies that show that there are both physical and mental benefits to overcoming adversity. Anyone whose lived a long life knows that how we deal with the difficult times in our life is what really makes us who we are. Having an easy life does have it’s disadvantages. In America it’s difficult to live in the moment because many people look at it as poor planning.

  4. Great Video! I have always liked your non-cynical approach to relationships. I have a similar relationship with Ne as you do with Vi (hey that rhymes) We are now going on our 3rd YR. together & it just gets better the more we both understand each other. We learn from each other. I am not big daddy put on earth to raise her. I respect her abilities as she does my experience. Likewise, I like you have to remind myself that although you should learn from the past & plan for the future U can only live in the present. The past is dead & gone & the future never gets here. When it does, it is the present.

  5. The TEACHER becomes the STUDENT … and the STUDENT becomes the TEACHER … and so is LIFE!

  6. Reekey. Again an excellent video. Incredible we all need to learn. 👍

  7. I too struggle with being in the moment, my Filipina helps keep my mind from wandering too far. We can just interact as a man and a woman, no chess match or strategy needed.

  8. After watching your video, the first thing that comes to my mind is an Usher song called “you got it bad” it’s a love story. Glad you found the “One”

  9. Good stuff. We can always learn from all of our relationships. The are in our lives to give us a message and we learn and become wiser……………hopefully.

  10. Hi Reekay.. I relate to everything your saying . My fiancee Neri has been teaching me too to live in the moment , She too has taught me patience to enjoy the now .She is my breath of fresh air like Vi. is your breath of fresh air . Every thing you spoke here I too have learned from Neri. Hope is one of the best gifts that My fiancee has brought into our relation besides genuine love. I think the culture of the Filipino people has a lot todo with this where as those of us from the west are taught to think ahead to learn from the past , not thinking so much about living in the present.

  11. You found a good catch since Vi is a joyful and positive influence on your life. Pleasant to be around. Filipinas have helped me laugh more and enjoy the simple things more like just hanging out, eating some food and rockin some Karaoke

  12. Yes I have a young girl friend over there to am sharing some of my experience with her am 54 and she is 22 and I can’t wait to get over there to see her next year god willing

  13. I am in love with my Filipina as well Reekay. She has taught me a lot as well. Happy to her about your mom and girlfriend. Take care my friend

  14. I think you nailed it with the “healing” aspect , like many of us we are damaged in some ways, become a bit jaded over time and can’t see the forest cos of the tree’s sometimes. She brought me back to the man I was before life took its toll without me even being fully aware of it. Her simplistic yet effective way she has just as said by the way she is is a form of wisdom in itself. Hope your Mum you and Vi doing well. Faith Hope Love 🙂

  15. Hello Henry and I also have read Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching book of philosophies. On another note, I believe that many people are caught up with all the negativity, the violence, the stress, the fast pace, and everything else that keeps a person busier in their everyday lives and AWAY from the simpler things. A perfect example is my DEDICATION to my 3 sons and my ATTENTION to doing things TOGETHER . I MAKE THE TIME in enjoying family time together and will NEVER EVER go down as a father who left his kids out on the sidelines!

  16. Always thought we humans were an advanced type of a virus. Etc etc but you have some nice incites with this session. Perhaps i am wrong? I hope so. Kind regards from Oregon. David. Creson bigstampguy@yahoo.com

  17. That’s what a beautiful relationship is all about you make each other’s life more happy n complete good luck to both of you💖

  18. Nice video. Hope your mom continues in good health. Take good care my friend.

  19. WOW, so true ! Those 3 things I can really relate to having my province g/f very close to me for a year now. I may also add less petty & ” much more unconditional”. I was bred w/much discipline/structure/punctuality in life & to think ahead (future). A humble 75 y/o cano said to me reflecting/pondering on his own new found life/love here that ” I realized I was the one who needed to change “.

  20. Hi reekay..really love your videos…they help me alot…I am still in a ldr with a Filipina and care about her very much..it has been 13 months of video chats everyday.we both have same birthdays..month and day and 20 years difference with me being the oldest. I don’t know when Phillipines will open up for me to travel there but I am not giving up on our relationship and she isn’t either…she has that positive attitude and is hopeful that it will be this year….I really don’t think that will happen but she gives me the hope that I need to keep our relationship going…thank you for your videos…they really help me with positive thoughts and always watch your videos…be safe and really hope to meet you someday soon

  21. Hello Reekay, I also learn the same thing from Cherry, my girlfriend(or wife to be) in the Philippines. She always tries not allowing me to think, speak and behave anything negatively. Previously, I though we have just different idea, but it is not. I realized from your video today that what she is telling me about not being negative is what I should learn from her regardless of our age diff. that is invaluable thing.

  22. Very good, deep, insightful video. The problem with blissful ignorance is that someone else ends up doing the dirty work of keeping the World running. For example I have heard that Brazilians are very cheerful people – and also that they are very good at looking the other way when they see suffering. Stepping over a homeless person is no problem for them. We, people of European descent, are the only ones capable of creating and sustaining a prosperous civilization. We can try, but we cannot escape this fact. It is both a gift and a curse.

  23. Bung to Hagar: “Drink! for tomorrow we die!”
    Hagar to Bung: “Are we going to war tomorrow?”
    Bung: “No, this wine is .50c a gallon”.
    There’s a message in there somewhere and it doesn’t necessarily involve alcohol.
    My kids 5 and 8 keep me in the moment.

  24. You know I really appreciate the calm common sense approach you have in your vlogs. It gives those of us trying to determine our new path a stick in the ground that creates a secure base thanks for all the info, input and more than that the honest truth that comes across. Look forward to what’s next

  25. Great monologue and good insight. I have noticed in my time in the Phils how carefree, positive and focused on the future people are. We can learn much from those who sometimes have very little. All worrying about the past does is waste the future.

  26. Listening to you talk about Vi could be you talking about my Jen. I had in my history times before I came out of mental illness and towards the end with some depression which I had never suffered before. With Jen all that for me is in the past. The woman exudes happiness and positive energy just by being her. She works very hard and earns good money but she takes such joy in little things that I still after 8 years find myself laughing and feeling good at her happiness. She has lots of clients that have become close friends in her work as a Real Estate Broker and the words “I got a gift” as she comes through the door with such happiness is the same for something that might have cost a few thousand or just a few hundred. Her laugh when she has got herself a bargain just tickles me silly. I think you nailed it when you said it is their ability to live in the now that I had lost.

    Watching your video has made me realize I spend too much time on my laptop when she is home, even though I take time to ask about her day’s adventures I should be making more effort. I have already promised myself to go with her more when covid eases and spend less time sitting at home on the laptop. Thanks for this video as we sometimes need a ray of light to make us see something we have been taking for granted.

  27. you hit on a feeling I have the positivity and joy we often forget as we age is replenished….

  28. You seem happy. They say a person needs 3 things to be truly happy in this world.: Someone to love. Something to do. And something to hope for.

  29. Living life as it is, and accepting difficult times as well as happy times,, as a whole one philosophy, is part of the person way of living life!! Not all people agree on that!! For other people, enjoy the life you work for!!
    In other words, to the predominant western mind, life is a battle you have to win, to some other people, life is a (day&night)!
    Thank you Henry,, it’s a video for reflection and enlightening!!

  30. I’m here now over a year with my grilfriend. Living in lapu lapu city..for me having a younger girlfriend is she makes me do things that I probably won’t do..full of energy. She keeps me young..and healthy

  31. I am pretty much in the same boat as you are I had to leave the Philippines I’m march of 2020 cuse of a emergency situation I have had to be without her for over a year know but ower love for each other gets stronger every day I hope I can go back to cebu soon

  32. Great outlook on things that you are blessed with; you and your gf are fortunate to have each other.

  33. What a great subject. These Filipinas can teach us a lot if we just listen and observe

  34. Great post, Reekay. From what I can tell, Filipinos , as a whole live in the moment. Most Westerners’ minds are almost always looking ahead instead of the “here and now”. I know my mind has very little “down time”.

  35. I think it’s awesome when your girlfriend the person you spend the most time with brings out just the best in you and is an inspiration sounds like V is for you. It’s like the song by Jim Croce .. Time in a bottle..

  36. Reekay, you speak of having a woman who is equally yoked with your spirit and demeanor which allows you to breathe and look at life in a more calm and logical manner. Very good advice my friend and especially on Mother’s Day. This goes to show you how a good woman can change your life for the better and to obtain longevity with her.” “Peace.”

  37. thank you for your perspective on this. My Filipina has taught me that after love, nothing is important. No need to care about anything else. Focus on love. The joy and happiness from “just love” allows living in the moment and the release of baggage that has no value! My Filipina is also “bubbly” and full of smiles. The best to you both.

  38. You’ve slowly learned what’s more important because your mother won’t live forever and appreciating what you have now is truly a give that shouldn’t be wasted , life s amazing your girlfriend taught you something you needed to learn and it’s our choice how we see life the good bad and or between and Filipino lady teaches us the joy of life ! Reekay keep her that wonderful young Filipino lady in your she is special truly appreciate her she is a gift take care of her !

  39. Hope your mom continues in good health and I hope you and your girl are back together very soon.

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