When A Filipina Asks If You Are Serious About Her

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  2. I appreciate your balanced approach to the situation. I think we in the west are often indoctrinated to see life in black and white. Asia is not like that. My take away from your video is that we should know what we want and look at every woman’s situation on its own. Then decide. And even then, it’s a calculated risk. We have to keep reevaluating until we know for sure.

  3. For us filipina when we really feel comfortable to a guy that’s when the attachment starts and then getting comfortable talking. Everyone desires to meet a good guy and settle down and have a good life with him who doesn’t want? And about giving/sending money it’s not the guy obligation it’s your willingness to help. Most decent filipina don’t ask money but if you are offering help and the filipina needs it there is really possibility she will accept it but she is not a scammer. Anyway decent filipina we do want assurance being with a guy and if the guy didn’t show us that he is sure being with us then we ask oftens if he is serious?

  4. You are strong Reekay! You loved a woman, and found out about her deceive. Giving her a second chance is okay i think, but it still takes courage and self respect to end a relationship you had hopes for. What often happens in the future when a woman start showing lack of respect, is that she will continue being disrespectful, and with time she will stop caring for you. You are a wise man, that is why i enjoy your content so much.

  5. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    Very good
    But I am ๐Ÿ˜” sad. All girls want money
    And yes they hide many things

  6. Great video – I liked when you said – “Look at it from her position” – Just the reality of the way things are. – I agree with what you said. Well presented. Thumbs UP

  7. never lower your moral standards and expectations in a long term partner. emotions aside, their desperate situations can be somewhat of a blessing as it allows you a glimpse into what sort of person they are at their core.

    if shes collecting money from multiple guys that she met on a dating site she at best is morally bankrupt and at worst a master manipulator. these women may act sweet and naive but they are very calculating and switched on.

    im reading these comments and a lot are borderline delusional, imagining these guys trying to match wits with a battle hardened filipina is a scary thought.

  8. Reekay,

    excellent summary for guys thinking of a Filipina relationship.
    I met my wife in Makati 20 years ago this December. Just the best thing I ever did. We have two beautiful boys one at University of Queensland and the other in year 11 in Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast in Australia.
    If you find a good Filipina as I did your life will be blessed.

  9. Very good advice. It really did fit our situation but in most cases it does. Most Filipinas are not scammers. U see more of them online then here by far. I have heard other experts say some Filipinas like western men because they want a better life. Who in the hell doesn’t want a better life? I do. I met Ne, on Messenger & I wasn’t looking for a GF & never met a Filipina before. She had chatted with other Americans before but none of them ever sent her money. She was making real good money off of her business & really didn’t need it. We have been together since my plane landed in Cebu two yrs. ago. We are very happy.

  10. Great Video Rekay! I think western guys, especially here in the U.S., need to understand that the dating game is very different here from in the Philippines. Here, it is definitely a game that everyone plays. You talk with multiple people on social media or on dating sites such as Match. They do the same. The women usually have college degrees and have successful careers or jobs. Life in The Philippines is very difficult and we need to understand that. Any help the women there can get from a foreigner is life changing. I don’t consider it scamming if they are honest about it. If we are going to take her from a safe situation, then we need to be serious about her. Asking her to stop talking to other men is basically saying that I’m your man and I’m going to take care of you. Every foreign man wanting to date a Filipina needs to understand that most of them need financial help and they shouldn’t have to ask you for it. If she drops everything for you and then you decide to move on from her, then I think it is your responsibility to generously compensate her until she can get back on her feet and find someone else.

    Here, people stop talking to each other for many different reasons and just move on. In The Philippines, it’s a life struggle to survive. So, in conclusion, dating a Filipina is about doing the right thing. If you are going to make her think she can depend on you, then she needs to be able to depend on you. If you decide to move on, then you need to MAN up and help her out until her situation improves. If we don’t have the financial means to do that, then we should not be trying to date Filipinas. Just My Opinion!

  11. I met a girl 2 months ago and have sent her $20 3 times during this time, I’m not a fan of sending money before meeting but her family is having issues feeding themselves so I decided $40 or so a month is nothing to me really (less than 1% of my monthly income). I’m not expecting anything back but I like her and know if I don’t support with this money they may go hungry, what’s your take on a situation like this?

  12. Very good video & THE reason I always REFUSED to meet Filipinas online when it’s so easy to meet them in person once you’re here. You are so much more in control of a situation when you avoid the dating sites that may ultimately involve a girl willingly or unwillingly using them as supplemental income…….Anyone that sends $ in a LDR w/the mindset that he is now owed something is a fool…..

  13. Yes, primary consideration is security depending, of course, on how well you get along or match up..some girls the light goes on and they see the opportunity to engender a good monthly income by keeping all the givers at bay, etc, etc…just stay real with yourself and the other person…thx for the vid ! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐ŸปโœŒ๐Ÿป

  14. Mr. Reekay Thanks for your discussion it is pretty good, the only important issue is that the guy should have confidence in himself, and give the lady freedom provided she will have personal understanding of what she is doing. Friends are friends it’s the mind set of a lady if you really show the seriousness i don’t think she will continue with that if you give in for a relationship and with Commitment, My finance had five friends before i meet her, i don’t know them but they keep sending her money one in a while but she always tells me so and so has sent me money. I normally tell her it is Okay for me provided you Understand what you are doing and we are leaving perfectly, the issue is individual mind set. I have the potential to cater for her in actual sense i provide for her 20,000 to 30, 000 times 50,000 pesos depending the needs every first week of the month, why should i deny the lady her right, i will not be pleased with the matter if it goes beyond friendship but just friends and receiving money it is okay for me, basis of mind set of an individual.

  15. Those guys are not just friends they want a virtual online girlfriend. They will trash you and sabotage you. Never go for a filipina that has any contact with another foreigner

  16. Iโ€™ve had s a few relationships with Filipinaโ€™s …western, province and city girls. I hasten to add I do not go out with working girls EVER. In my opinion I like the more modern independent city girls, they still have the values that we like but do not need the to kept by the guy . This also means that you do not have to worry about them being a scammer etc. That leaves me to spend monies on the nicer things …flowers etc. But itโ€™s all subjective, there beautiful women with great values.

  17. no need to heartbroken,you had a lucky escape,and I have to disagree with you about being understanding.First time maybe second time no way.

  18. Youโ€™re so right. Many Filipinas do have values, they did grow up with principles, but sometimes life just doesnโ€™t give them a choice. Itโ€™s easy for us in the West to think in black and white, but in the PH, life is not always that clear cut.

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