Why I Flew From the Philippines To California – Reekay

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    In this video I discuss, “Why I Flew From the Philippines To California – Reekay”

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  2. I got stuck in Shanghai on my return from Laoag in 2015 as I was so exhausted I literally fell asleep at the gate and woke up to see my flight pushing back from the gate! No access to my money and only 11 us dollars and about 500 pesos in my pocket..thank God I got the one empty seat the next day on the one and only flight to New York thank God my woman packed my carry-onwith snacksetc… You did the right thing to be with your mom and I enjoy your updates on Philippines.

  3. Similar experience here. I flew from Davao to Boise. Stuck here until whenever. I’m with my elderly parents in far eastern Oregon at the moment.

  4. I never once thought you left for a bad reason. You are one of the good guys and helped me out once with a problem I was having without hesitation. It would be a little hard to hide on a tourist visa when we have to draw a map on the back of the extension of where we live every two months. My parents have been gone for years, so I don’t have ties in the US.

  5. Family is everything in life… you made the right choice to be with your mom. Best wishes!

  6. The one thing I’ve learned from mr. HOMAR is that there’s some strange people in this world… He may think that we are all stupid. He is a big reason that I am not as social as I could be. I just do not have the patience for nonsense. On the other hand, it is just YouTube, who really cares? Granted I do not have a large YouTube channel like you do, with a reputation to uphold. The bottom line is to take care of your mom… she will not be here forever, mine isn’t.

  7. I knew it had to be something powerful to bring you to California. Best wishes for you and your mother.

  8. Sorry to hear about your predicament Reekay. But man, it makes frustrated guys like me, trying to get back to the Philippines in the same boat as you. Will definitely keep in touch with your channel for news getting back into the country.

  9. You made the right choice….. while you are stateside sign up for the COVID vaccine and get that out of the way

  10. Welcome home. You did the right thing. I live in SD if you want to meet up for coffee. Ed

  11. That was a good vlog, and I hope your mother gets better and I know Andy and his fans will be disappointed that you pointed out exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it and that all the BS he is doing about all the other vloggers and their wives or girlfriends but I myself thought you was going to go there to seek an attorney to put a stop to all this harassment discrimination and slander which you could very well do and it wouldn’t do you much good to get an attorney in the Philippines unless it is Philippine related because they won’t do anything the good luck to you I’ll continue to watch your vlogs and everybody else’s

  12. You made the best of a challenging situation. Looking forward to seeing when you return to the Philippines. Hopefully by then we can all travel more freely

  13. I can respect and understand what you are going through, my parents are the reason why I left China. I felt very fortunate to be able to get home and be able to help and take care of my mom towards the end. My prayers are with you and your family and all best for your Mom!

  14. Welcome to my world! It’s not so bad taking care of mom and a LDR, it’s a character builder. Video chat is great!

  15. My heart goes out to you, my friend. It is always tough when you have family internationaly.

  16. Reekay, this is your subscriber who you met at Pho Ha Restaurant, Riverside California. You made the right decision to be with your mother because I just lost my mother who was 88 yrs old, and I truly have to say that I miss her and appreciate all the loving things she did for me. So, you’re only showing your love towards your mother, and Vi is definitely the (God-sent) woman for you due to her loving unselfish caring for you, and your mother. God Bless you, your mother, and wonderful Vi.”

  17. You had to do what you did , but I will tell you from first hand experience , LDRs suck

  18. Sorry about your mom but you made the right decision. I am confused on one topic. If you live in the Philippines you cant just buy a plane ticket and leave? You need to get a clearance each time you leave? Huh. And it takes weeks? This is so very confusing. I would expect you could buy a ticket and leave the same day or next. What am i missing here? Maybe your future video will mention this. So if i decide to live in the Philippines and i need to get home for a family emergency i need a clearance – never knew this existed. This is a big negative for me.

  19. You are a clear thinker and you made the right decision. I lost my Mom at 74 and was there, not as difficult to get to her as you. Not necessary to justify or even share this with your audience, but you made this decision too. I pray and wish the best for you and your family. My return was not easy back last September either, look forward to hearing about yours. Welcome back to California. Smiles

  20. You’ve made the right decision. I’m glad that V is understanding. Your Mom’s time is precious ‼️

  21. Hi Henry, I agree…you have to listen to your inner voice. On another note, listening to your stories and other vlogger expat experiences, it seems all of you are potential hostages in the bureaucracy of a foreign land. Glad to know you survived the bureaucracy and your passport was returned.

  22. Hope everything works out. I would be interested in learning the following in your next videos:
    Was it difficult getting flights to the US? What medical tests are required by Philippines/ airline? Are there any requirements from the US related to covid prior to leaving? Are Chinese or Russia vaccines accept by US health people? Can you test negative in the PI and get a vaccine in the US? I have a 13a visa so I’m not concerned about getting stuck or getting a clearance prior to leaving. I ask these questions for all the resident visa holders who may still have to do emergency travel.

  23. Thanks for the update. Good luck with your mum.

    If there is suddenly no more travel restriction, what would be your ideal return date to the Philippines? One month, 6 months, 12-months, etc?


  24. No explanation needed. Your Mom comes first and always. Glad you made it back to the states safe.

  25. I’ve never seen you attack anyone on Youtube, I can’t believe how much vitriol there is against you on Youtube. I hope your mother recovers.

  26. You made the right decision. The only solution would have been to marry V before you left and you would have been able to return anytime

  27. Henry, you’re “old school” That’s probably why I’ve enjoyed following you since back in the days when you wrote blogs. Your longest “roll” in life, that of “son”, may be drawing to a close and you’re exactly where you should be. The “children” may not understand the importance of that, they seem to understand little else about life, but we adults weren’t put on this Earth to please them. Carry on doing what’s right, rekindle memories with your family and make new ones and enjoy your precious time together. Anything else worth worrying about will wait until the right time and will still be there.

    Maybe that’s part of what draws guys like you and me to the Philippines. We see the importance of family being lived there, just as it was in our families as we grew up. We see how much is so very right about the place because of it. That’s been lost here in our land. It’s become the Untied States of Lunacy, where everything is “all about me” and “getting over”. A piece of advice, while you’re here… do not look at the news. There’s nothing good there and it will just depress you and make you “homesick” as I’ve been for the last 13 years, waiting to get back to my little slice of sanity, back in the Visayes. My best to you and your family. -D-

    Oh… PS… Tell your Mom an old guy says she did a fine job raising you.

  28. Hello Henry and glad that you are there for your mom and hope she recovers well! In a future situation for me, when my Filipina fiance comes over on the K1 Visa and gets married here, you may be 100 percent assured that if her mom has any sudden illness, or poor health, she will take off back to the Philippines in a FLASH without any thought and leave me here for whatever amount of time it will take her to recover! Stay safe and thanks for the update!

  29. For a Manila Minute…I thought V was in tow…and a marriage on this side. 😉

  30. Hello Rickey, doing the right thing is sometimes more difficult but better for the soul. Being an honest vlogger seems to make you guys a target for unhappy people with no life of their own.

  31. Good on yah for spending quality time with MOM! I have no idea where the BEEF BRAINS come from…Youtube, Chatrooms, Bars…smallest BEEF BRAINS in the world just want to BEEF. I have never noticed anywhere else in the world…or maybe its the RESET at “home” these days. You know what the Visayan’s say…bwiset…or peste. 😉 Ingat!

  32. I can understand you need to be with your Mother.
    We both in same shape. Being away from our love one’s.

  33. Here’s maybe an option bring your girlfriend to Mexico and get a place in Tijuana and you can travel back and forth to see your mother

  34. Watching from Sun City……you made the right decision. Looking forward to your next video……I imagine it wasn’t easy getting your ✈️ back to US ??

  35. You do what you got to do. I admire your decision as it’s a time in life that can be hard for many of us & choosing the right thing can be very difficult..

  36. Great Thing to do. I have been subscribed to you for long time. Have not been watching your videos , just wanted to say A great thing you choose to do.

  37. would you be able to meet up with Vi in a different country? Korea or somewhere?

  38. Wishing many more years of good health to your mom. Please eat some good mexican food for me while your in California. I’ve been really missing that here in the Philippines.

  39. I’m glad to hear your mom is doing well! You are a very good man with a heart of gold. You both will be in my prayers.

  40. I heard a rumor you were joining the CIA. Would you like to confirm or deny that?

  41. I would never do that haven’t seen my mom in years. They don’t care about me either no big deal.. but do what you think you have to do. I lost my Dad about six years ago no big deal. Same same he didn’t give a damn about me no big deal. Whatever you feel you need to do…

  42. Best wishes to you and your family! Nothing like spending time with family…. priceless!!

  43. Its the right thing. Before I go to the Philippines and until it opens, I am going to live with my 91 year old Mom. Why? Because it is the right thing. No questions. You only get 1 Mom.

  44. You made the right decision, you are a good son. Vi will understand because she has many years ahead to enjoy with you but you only have so much time with your mom.

  45. Reekay leaving everything and going back to your mother when she needed you the most made me respect you even more. I really appreciate this update and best of health to your amazing mother!

  46. I’m glad your ok. Was surprised to see you went to CA. It’s nice to spend time with your mom though. Keep us updated.

  47. hello henry sorry to hear about your mon ,hope she gets well ,well you mighr want to get covid shot since you are back for a while,its temporary v could finish school get some money earned as well maybe itll keep you busy for future plans maybe save for a condo while you get more earning capability here she could be a foreign worker maybe where theres a country to meet her there when itstime or just work with a business good luck with that and hope your mom gets better buddy

  48. This is not a situation in which you had to choose between your mother and your girlfriend, because you still have both of them. This is simply a situation in which you prioritized your mother because your time with her is limited, while you and Vie still have the rest of your lives to be together. Ultimately you made the right decision and when you look back 5 years from now this is the decision in which you will have no regrets. I wish your mother a speedy recovery from her medical situation and a long life to come.

  49. Hey Reekay my friend, you are definitely doing the right thing. I’m in the same boat as well. Unfortunately, I lost my mom about 3 weeks ago. Spend as much time as you can with your mother my friend. I am waiting for the Philippines to open up so that I can get back there to marry my fiancée. Vi is awesome for supporting you. Thank you for sharing this awesome video my friend. Please stay safe and healthy, and God bless you and Vi, and your family always.? ? ? ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  50. Hello Henry,
    It’s the right decision you took to choose being beside your dear mother at this old age!! Every one with faith and honor will praise your decision!! It’s absolutely ? compatible with the Ten Commandments! And other Holy Scriptures,… I share with you this Quotation from the Holy Qur’an, that strongly endorse your decision to be with Mother:
    (Your Lord has ordered you to worship none except Him, and to be good to your parents. If either or both of them attain old age with you, do not say: “Fie on you”, nor rebuke them, but speak to them with words of respect. (23)

    And lower to them the wing of humbleness out of mercy and say: ‘My Lord, be merciful to them, as they raised me since I was little. ‘ (24)

    Your Lord knows very well what is in your hearts. If you are good, He is forgiving to those who are penitent. (25)

  51. Welcome to the club, Reekay. It took me five months to get back to the US. Every time my flight time got close the authorities would move the lockdowns and the airline would move the departure date. I really wasn’t positive I was leaving the PH until liftoff, because we sat about 45 minutes on the runway in Manila. My girl friend, Erica, and I keep in touch via FB Messenger, FaceTime and WhatsApp. I can’t wait to get back to Tulong Bay. Even as I write this the LGU’s there are tightening ther restrictions even more. I wish Uncle Joe would send a bunch of the vaccines to the PH.

    Sorry to hear about your mother. Best wishes to her and your family. I know Vee will keep in touch even as you nod off to sleep. Remember, there’s a reason trolls live under bridges.

  52. Hey Reekay I lost my mom in 13 I would give anything for 1 more day! so enjoy every moment you can get, moms are the best. Best of luck! if you want a coffee let me know! I’m in cali. god bless you and your family!!

  53. Hi Reekay. Welcome back to the United States. Its gotten a lot crazier with the politics, crime, human rights issues and police situations. There are haters and always shall be. Its so sad that people need to get a life. As far as I’m concerned you are a seasoned well respected Youtuber. I’m happy that you value your family values, your upbringings and paying respect to those who were there for you. LDR , yep been there too. Does absence make the heart grow fonder? I hope that if its longer than a year you can meet up for a vacation somewhere else than the Philippines. Always wishing you well my friend. Take good care of yourself too.

  54. Your big issue, should not be an issue at all. Your Mom was sick, you leave everything to be there asap. Your staying with your family (your Mom) is the only thing that matters. You would never forgive yourself if you didn’t go. Super happy your Mom and yourself are well. Stay safe.

  55. Responding to trolls only increases the probability they will continue their behavior. You IGNORE trolls, block them, and never say a word about anything they claim. What you did is just give them motivation to get a future response from you. Because their effort elicited a response from you. So for your own personal health and happiness, just ignore them. No exceptions.

  56. You have a great partner, to support you.your mum is very important..God bless..

  57. Take care Sir, being with family is important in times like this. I’ve been there and understand. Prayers for You all.

  58. Reekay,
    all the best to you and your mom.
    I have seen a lot of vlogs from people in the Philippines. You are among the best of the vloggers in my opinion. I don’t watch a lot of them anymore.

  59. Follow your heart Reekay your only going to have your Mom so long and once she is gone u can’t get that back think u made the right choice

  60. You make the right decision. I figured you were traveling due to your mother. from John Yamas

  61. Between all the lockdowns and everything, kinda scary times were living in. I believe there is a lot more to everything. Is there a safe place/country you could take V to if things get worse other than California. Any don’t worry about the trolls. Just jealous cause you got a unicorn. Heck even I am. Not a lot of women like that here in US. God bless you n your family .

  62. Also don’t worry whatever other people thinking, the other day an expat from Angeles city was complaining about some expats putting his videos down. Yeah he wasn’t happy and kept in calling them rats over and over again.

  63. Thank you sir for the update concerning why you left the Philippines and the purpose why you’re back in the States.

  64. Thank you for sharing this personal story. If I were you I probably would have done the same thing. I’m also living in the Philippines and I worry about something similar happening. Actually after watching your video I’m going to call my Mom.

  65. I just got back through LAX March 30th from Cebu. What surprised me was the lack of immigration checks. Previously there’s the kiosks then 2 or 3 check points before exiting. Now there was no kiosks. No separation of citizens and non citizens. No checking passport. Absolutely nothing. Just approximately 3 seconds to pull down the mask for them to take a pic and that was it. Usually it takes 2 hours to go through immigration and it took less than 5 seconds for me.

  66. Good for you Reekay. I’m so tired of hearing this heartless coward go after you guys with senseless garbage. Anyone that stoops to the levels he has, shows how immature and soulless he really is. Karma in PI is real. Anyway, good to hear you made it back home to be with your mother. She will need you. I wasn’t as fortunate and will be headed back next week. Take care and good luck returning.

  67. A good mom deserves a good son , I think you have no problem sleeping at night. Good man.

  68. My gf was supposed to be on the qutar flight out of cebu two weeks ago Thursday. Over 3 months getting her ready for that flight and her pre trip covid test came back positive. An immediate retest came back negative but it was too late. Now she’s booked for this weekend and just took another test so we will see what happens. Still have to see if they let her on the plane. So I know your struggle buddy

  69. I’m sure you are doing the right thing, Reekay. Your mother sounds like a wonderful
    woman. Here’s hoping for her speedy recovery and your safe return to the Philippines.

  70. Yeah, the Filipino lockdowns made that decision easier I bet, wait it out here until the Filipino government regains some sanity. What I am doing. Welcome back to the US. Hope your Mom stays well for a long time.

  71. Doing the right thing is often not the easy thing. I understand your decision.

  72. Hope things work out. I am surprised you hadn’t already planned for how you would handle this type of thing since these are going to happen. How I handled it is I’ve said my goodbyes. I’m sure it will be hard when the time comes but me hurrying back wouldn’t really help. My family in the US has each other. There is just a bottomline of living far away imo.

  73. Reekay my wife and I send our best wishes to you and your mom. You did the right thing.

  74. You don’t owe anyone an explanation…. Don’t pay attention to the narcissist… Nothing but a bunch of low life losers…Best wishes to you and your family brother ?

  75. I’m glad you made it back. You’ll never regret being there for your mom during this time. Thanks for the update and I’m looking forward to your next video.

  76. I remember you have had your mom in a few of your video. Over the years. I hope she is doing better soon.

  77. You did the right thing coming back to be with your mom. Im sure she is very happy to see you. Us who know you know you have a heart of gold. Great times ahead Reekay..

  78. Best wishes to your mum Reekay! Your girlfriend sounds like a keeper, and I know first hand that long distance relationships can be very difficult, but hang in there to you both and you will come out even stronger.

  79. I hope your mom lives a long time to come. You made the right choice and i am sure for a few months you can maintain your relationship

  80. do not worry reekay. jerk individuals known from what they say about others. if they are good people never allow themselves to say those things. take care of your mother. god bless

  81. Sorry to hear about this. I’ll pray that things are well for all of you.
    I have no doubt you choose wisely. You would have regretted not going back forever. Vi wouldn’t be worth it if she said anything different.

  82. You absolutely made the right choice. I’m making a similar choice myself. I’m in California now for my 92YO mother who needs me more than ever. If the Philippines doesn’t open for 2022 (not likely) you might have to consider a finacee visa for her….

  83. I hope everything goes well for your mom. I’m sure Vie will be fine until u return.

  84. Hi Henry agree with you totally! Sending prayers and wishes too your Mother,lost my Mother a few years ago suddenly and never got the chance.So yeah I agree, take care Henry?

  85. I know how you feel I had to leave the Philippines in march of 2020 and I miss my Filipino so much but family ?is family just on the other side of the world ?be safe and hope your mom is doing great and be safe and God bless you all

  86. You did the right thing.. Your Mom needed you.Your gf will be there when you can go back

  87. The PAL Airlines is testing the Covid passport, with a lot of other countries. No times soon flights from USA to Phillipines.

  88. Hope everything going well with you and to all of us. No one really knows when things will go back to normal but we hope for the best.

  89. Never defend why you made a family decision, no explanation needed or required, best to your mom and family. The Philippines is not going anywhere and will not be closed forever.

  90. Get the paperwork for 13-A visa while you’re there so you can come and go as you please

  91. Reekay, you either do things right, or you do them wrong. And you did them right, that’s as clear as day. Vi will be there when you’re ready to return. All the best.

  92. Reekay, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. I wish many more years for your mother and your family the strength to get through this difficult time.

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