“Will An Online Marriage to A Filipina Get Me Into the Philippines?”

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  1. Dont forget theres Common Law Marriage. Research It. But do both countries recognize the King of Englands Common Law Marriage? Both people uses the last males name and put out publish publicly they are husband and wife? Does one or both use financial instruments in support of both persons? Research common Law Marriage for your Nation State and Country.

  2. Why would any Idiot get the State license and marry a Woman in the United States, more specially online without a Bride. (LOL) I mean HEY.. Do what you want with your life but at least give yourself a remote chance.. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMUUUUUUAHAHAHAHHAHA.. Get a Passport Friends! You don’t even need a visa to enter the Phils. To Filipina Ladies: If you marry a man in the USA, you automatically, instantly, and immediately own fifty percent (50%) of his assets and money without a prenuptual agreement.

  3. My first time writing on here but this is something that I have to say. If you are a Resident of Montana you can get a proxy marriage done and it can be with same sex too..they will file the paperwork work third party and send you all paperwork that you need

  4. $900 for an online wedding just so MAYBE you could possibly enter the Philippines? I am not saying this is a scam; but it is definitely suspect… I feel they are trying to profit off the pandemic and I would encourage any guy considering using this service to just wait til next year when the PI opens back up,..

  5. My gf wanted to do an online wedding. I told her even thoough we had been talking for 1 year and I had visited her for 3 weeks in December 2019 I was not comfortable getting married. We still do not know each other that well. Also as with any thing that skirts a law in any country, I believe the Philipine governemnt will close this loop hole. And maybe deport some people. There is one man that married hid Filipino gf and they had never met. I can’t remember his name. But once the governemt realizes what is happening I think there could be hell to pay. So I am not a fan of this.

  6. That website looks very shady and unprofessional. Also I see the price for an international marriage is $900. Which is probably the minimum if you need additional documentation. And I am glad you mentioned that this online marriage doesn’t guarantee a filipina would be able to emigrate to the USA. Another commenter mentioned their customer service was rude which was probably the actual officiant. And to me they make the prices so high for international marriage because they are trying to take advantage of this COVID situation which to me is very low class. Same commenter said a normal apostille doctument costs $26 but Web Wed charges $426 for it. I have also watched 2 of the online ceremonies from this company involving American-Filipina and that female officiant seems very offputting, distant and fake. I wouldn’t want to look back in 30 years and see that cringe woman doing our vows. I would wait for the borders to open personally…

  7. I am surprised the Philippine government would allow it. I have seen Americans on live streams say they are going to find a Filipina online and tell her they love her & want to marry her to get into the Philippines then dump her and date whoever they want. It sounds a whole lot like fraud to me. Maybe they can.

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  9. Wow ! I had always heard that the PHIL government never recognizes online marriage. Thank you.

  10. My experience thus far with WebWed is their customer service is not friendly. They did not answer my specific question and they would not provide me with the US State that was issuing the license and kept referring to it as “the government”. Additionally, they will NOT guarantee that the license will be accepted in the foreign country’s embassy or consulate. If folks ARE going to do this, I highly recommend having them (or someone you trust) getting the document Apostilled. Note, getting a document Apostilled at your local government office (Secretary of State) in any major US city costs approx. $26, WebWed Charges $425. Keep in mind neither Thailand nor the Philippines are members of the Apostille Convention SO your document might need further “Notarizing”. None of this is impossible and WebWed could indeed be a good solution for some folks – I’d just highly recommend people perform due diligence… i.e. ASK the Immigration offices as well as an attorney in the foreign country you are looking to use this certificate for (e.g. Marriage Visa to then enter TH, PH, etc…)

  11. All very interesting Reekay. As you say it may work going to the Philippines but I know here in Australia it wouldn’t be accepted. 🙂👍

  12. An interesting topic Reekay, that will be useful for anyone contemplating taking this step. Informative and well presented as always. Best wishes to you and Vi, have a great weekend.

  13. Great Tips. Clears up some mysteries for some guys. My uncle flew to the dominican republic from US and flew his russian fiance there to get married years ago, because of something about some super long waiting list in Russia, they actually got married much faster. Made me think if an online marriage was possible to a filipina since they can’t fly anywhere. Very interesting info and service.

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