You and Your Money When Living as an Expat – Philippines

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  2. Being in the Philippines as a ex pat with a just a few hundred dollars a month isn’t a dream, it’s a nightmare in the making. Being poor in a poor country is not wise. Helping poor people in the Philippines is a precious joy.

  3. Thank you Henry, for sharing with us, all wonderful informative experiences, and thoughts!!

  4. I was in the same boat, not taught to think about money. I had to learn the hard way. Money is an important resource, need to have short term and long term strategy in place.

  5. The healthcare thing is always the biggie as there’s risk involved ! Some w/pre-exists may seem blind to this perhaps & others don’t know how to ” live within your means “. Good vid as the wise thing is to always think of the worst case scenarios before jumping on the big plane. If you bring in 2K/mo. w/20k reserve is good IMO though some could do well having half of that.

  6. Yep ? did echocardiography and vascular work mostly…
    Didn’t really care about money much or see a distant future…

  7. Dear Reekay: Thank you so very much for your candor, and sharing your wonderful information which I find invaluable. This is a terrific presentation!! Truly.

  8. After a recent drama in Cebu it highlights health insurance must be considered

  9. Good talk and I agree with you all the way. For me $20,000 is the magic number for emergency cash just setting in an account waiting for that emergency to happen. For those followers that have access to CNBC financial news I highly recommend the “HALFTIME REPORT” 12 noon (Eastern), then follow up with ‘FAST MONEY” at 5PM (Eastern). It is a very good way to start to learn the stock market jargon and possibly something about trading stocks. My SSI covers me on a regular monthly basis.

  10. Great video Reekay, and great to see your content, I always look forward to that notification.

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